Our Mission

Nothin But God was founded with one goal in mind, SPREAD THE GOSPEL in a way that people can relate to. Our hope is to be able to reach those in need with the proceeds of the organization, once we receive 501C3 status. 

Join the mission by simply purchasing a piece of merchandise and wearing it proudly for the world to see!

Our Story
(the shorter version)

The name Nothin But God stems from my (Reneisha Pittman's) testimony. I lived a homosexual lifestyle, was addicted to drugs, alcohol as well as pornography and Christ Jesus entered my world and turned it up side down! COMPLETELY! (or right side up lol)

I am grateful to be able to say I am no longer addicted too porn, drugs or alcohol and no longer live a homosexual lifestyle. I am now married to a mighty man of God, shockingly enough lol! That right there makes me want to shout, "It was Nothin But GOD!". God loved me through it all and transformed my heart through a loving relationship with Him. Anything is possible with God!

We are all either walking testimonies or soon to be. Join me in letting the world know that with Nothin But God, nothing is impossible!

Our Founder