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Yep, we want to hear from you! It can be anything from your salvation story, to the fact that He payed your bills last month or maybe He protected you during a wreck. All stories of His goodness are welcome!

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  • We had to share this story with you guys! Check out this awesome story of God’s providential power that involved a Make Christ Known Tee:

    “A lil testimony I’d like to share with y’all!

    I bought my shirt at fuse this past weekend, and I wore it today to Walmart. This one middle aged woman was following me around for a few minutes and finally was like “I read your shirt can you tell me more about God?” and so we talked for a while and she told me she had been looking for a sign for a while and that she wanted to accept Christ into her heart and start living for Him. We prayed and she became my sister in Christ.

    These shirts are IMPACTFUL. Jesus is moving thru this company and I’m proud to rep one of these dope shirts."

    🔥COME ON NAH!! Fashion with purpose 🙌🏾

    From Customer

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